Building Buddies Traveling Exhibition

The Building Buddies portraits a small community where everyone is busy making their homes a better place. Different characters, “buddies”, invite young children to play, explore, collaborate, create and learn while improving the "neighbourhood".


The goal of this exhibit is to provide a discovery environment that encourages the development of science and process skills at an early age. To achieve this, the exhibit offers hands-on open-ended activities that are fun and engaging for kids and their parents.

The immersive exhibition composed of 7 core areas features hands-on role-play learning experiences that encourage kids to plan, renovate, decorate, paint, tile, build and more!



1600 feet2, can be adapted to spaces from 1100 to 2150 feet2
(100 to 200 meters2)
Primary Target Audience
Children ages 2 to 7, families and groups

  • Offers safe and inviting learning experiences for the youngest visitors.
  • Accommodates individual and group interactions.
Type of experiences
Physical: 50%
Cognitive: 10%
Sensory: 30%
Emotional: 10%
Exhibit text are available in English, French and German.

  • All texts can be adapted to another language.
  • Exhibit text panels can be provided in bilingual format.

Meet the Building Buddies

1 Happy Homes

Enter through the Happy Homes facade to begin a fun journey into the Building Buddies community. Put on your hard-hat and tool-belt. Let’s start building!

2 Peter’s Office

Time to get creative! Reorganize Peter’s house by choosing the location of the different rooms and moving the stairs to get there.

3 Eva’s Bungalow

Help Eva to brighten up her bungalow by painting a wall, adding curtains to her window, arranging a flower wall and laying a garden path.

4 Pipa’s House

Pipa needs assistance to finish renovating her house. Lend her a hand and lay tiles in the bathroom, tighten the leaky pipes, install new planks on the outside wall and crawl through the large drain pipe.

5 Winston’s Dog

Winston’s paws are not as agile as your hands! Help him by putting a roof over his head and walls around his house.

6 Wallton’s House

The Wallton’s extended their house but were too busy to build their walls! Build them strong walls to protect their family and a tall chimney to keep them warm.

7 Billy's Building

Climb up the scaffolding to bring foam bricks up and down to build the tall walls of Billy’s building. Ask for your friends to help you move the bricks around with the pulley and the conveyor belt, or use the demolition chute to get the bricks down quickly.

Developmental skills and STEAM learning opportunities

Large and fine motor skills
  • Moving
  • Climbing
  • Building
  • Manipulating
  • Balancing
Imagination and pretend play
  • Role-playing
  • Interpreting
  • Creating
Logical thinking
  • Choosing
  • Planning
  • Problem solving
  • Counting
  • Identify patterns
  • Sorting
  • Measuring
Social interaction
  • Choosing
  • Sharing
  • Taking turns
  • Team work
  • Community awareness

Design Characteristics

Immersive environment
  • Narrative storyline
  • Community inhabited by a set of characters
Highly interactive
  • Multi sensory
  • Full body experience
  • Self-facilitated with family play options
Iconic and easily recognizable by the target audience
  • Strong emotional link to homes and communities
  • Anchored in daily life
Friendly, warm and welcoming
  • Playful contemporary style
  • Gender equity
  • Collapsible and compact to ship
  • Ease of assembly
  • Adaptable to various space configurations
  • Accessible and safe to visitors of all ages
  • Durable materials
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Minimal staffing required

Floor Plans

Take a look at some examples of exhibit configurations we have recommended for different spaces.

Area: 130m² (1400 ft²)
Area: 102m² (1100 ft²)
Area: 110m² (1200 ft²)
Area: 100m² (1050 ft²)


Summer 2020
Curious Kids' Museum and Discovery Zone
St. Joseph, MI
Fall 2020
Winter 2021
Spring 2021
Summer 2021
Fall 2021

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