Exhibits / The Building Buddies

The Building Buddies portraits a small community where everyone is busy making their homes a better place. Different characters, “buddies”, invite young children to play, explore, collaborate, create and learn while improving the “neighbourhood”.

The goal of this exhibit is to provide a discovery environment that encourages the development of science and process skills at an early age. To achieve this, the exhibit offers hands-on open-ended activities that are fun and engaging for kids and their parents.

The immersive exhibition composed of 7 core areas features hands-on role-play learning experiences that encourage kids to plan, renovate, decorate, paint, tile, build and more!

Development skills and learning opportunities

Large and fine motor skills: Moving, climbing, building, manipulating, balancing.

Imagination and pretend play: Role-playing, interpreting, creating.

Logical thinking: Choosing, planning. problem solving, counting, sorting, measuring.

Social interaction: Sharing, taking turns, team work, community awareness.



1100 to 2150 feet2 (100 to 200 meters2)


ages 2 to 7


Physical: 50% – Cognitive: 10% – Sensory: 30%  Emotional: 10%


37 500 USD for 3 months +inbound shipping



Win. | Spr. | Sum. | Aut.


Win. | Spr. | Sum. | Aut.