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Ball Run

The Ball Run is an action-reaction exploration game.


Size: 110″ x 26″ x 52″

Price: Please contact us.

Lead-time: 4-6 months (may vary depending on the availability of materials).

Ball Run harnessed the principal of action-reaction and the effects of gravity to deliver an exciting experience that kids just want to play with! Colored balls slowly roll down inclined tracks and their motion can be controlled when passing through 12 interactive rotary mechanisms. The speed of the balls is purposefully slow to encourage observation and reasoning. Children can freely explore how the movement of the balls can be affected by 3 types of rotary hand controls: LIFT raises a ball to a higher track, SWITCH either lets a ball roll straight or drops it to a lower track, and HOLD stops a ball so that it can be redirected to go either left or right.

Learning and mastery happens in fun and spontaneous ways. Once children have a good understanding of how to direct the balls, they can try to guide a ball to its corresponding colored END-BIN. Logical thinking and planning are essential to succeeding at this challenge. A large Plinko peg board at the center adds randomness and excitement to the challenge!

A lot of engineering, prototyping and testing was done during the development of Ball Run. The rotary hand controls have kid-friendly handles and the mechanisms use ball bearings and magnets so they turn easily and snap at specific angles in a satisfying way. The incline of different track sections has been tuned so that balls roll slowly but don’t get stuck. Designed with a focus on details and high-quality materials, Ball Run is extremely durable and low maintenance.

Ball Run was used in the following exhibits