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The Playbloks are lightweight foam blocks.


Color: The blocks are available in black with two customizable graphic surfaces.

Sizes: Small (4” x 4” x 4”) Medium (4” x 4” x 8”) Large (4” x 4” x 12”).

Minimum order quantity: 105 units (35 units of each size).

Price per bundle of 3 units: $60 USD.

Lead-time: 30 business days.

Playbloks are customizable play-construction foam blocks. Originally meant to look like bricks, children love stacking the Playbloks as high as they can or arranging them to create imaginary constructions and sculptures. Simple to manipulate, these lightweight blocks are moulded of EPP solid shapes (non-toxic and non-porous expanded polypropylene). Playbloks are extremely long-lasting and easy to care for.
Their two graphic surfaces are entirely customizable, it’s up to you to choose whether you prefer a solid color, an illustration, a logo or a combination of all of the above! The graphic surfaces are polycarbonate laminated ink-jet prints that are durable and easy to clean.
We offer multiple exhibit components that work well with the blocks, like the conveyor belt and the wall modules (as shown on our website and videos). If you would like to know more about those components, don’t hesitate to ask!

Playblok was used in the following exhibits