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Imagigraf is a creative assembly of magnetic foam shapes.


Color: The standard Imagigraf bundle includes 5 colors; red, orange, green, purple and black (available in other colors upon request).

Sizes: 10 unique shapes of different children friendly sizes.

Minimum order quantity: Bundle of 250 units.

Price per bundle: $3,800 USD.

Lead-time: 30 business days.

Imagigraf is an assembly of magnetic foam shapes intended to stimulate the creative mind of the youngsters. Children can arrange the Imagigraf pieces to create an imaginary garden, a dynamic town or even faces with funny expressions. Leave it to their imagination!

The Imagigraf are made of EVA foam, a non-toxic material that is often used around children. The shapes are lightweight and easy to clean. The magnetic modules inserted into the foam pieces have been designed and created by Toboggan Design. They are meant to be used specifically on 20 gauge steel. More information about the play surface is available upon request.

Although there are standard shapes available, it is possible to choose customized pieces. The minimum order quantity is to be determined by the size and the number of colors of the chosen shapes. You can contact us to discuss the different possibility for your audience.

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