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Magneticar is a block assembly system for the creation of vehicles.


Color: Blue (available in other colors upon request).

Sizes: 5 distinct shapes.

Minimum order quantity: Bundle of 120 pieces, 60 units with wheels and 60 without.

Price per bundle: Please contact us for pricing information.

Lead-time: 30 business days.

Magneticar is a foam blocks system that lets you create fun vehicles. Test all the possible combination and evaluate the difference between the created vehicles. The vehicle pieces are easily interchangeable and easy to manipulate which permits and engage the kids in trying all the various solutions.

The assembly of the blocks is made possible thanks to an inset magnetic module specifically design by Toboggan Design for these vehicles. The vehicle pieces are made of EVA foam, a non-toxic material that is often used around youngsters. The Magneticars are available in different bright colors. The shapes can also be customized depending on the quantity ordered. Please contact us for more information.

We offer multiple components that work well with the Magneticars, like the assembly stations and the race track modules (as shown on our website and videos). If you would like to know more about those components, don’t hesitate to ask!

Magneticar was used in the following exhibits