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Imagigraf Canvas is a play surface for Imamagigraf Shapes.


Color: Customized graphic.

Size: 60″ x 42″.

Minimum order quantity: One Magnetic Frame with an Imagigraf bundle.

Price per unit: Please contacts us.

Lead-time: 3-6 months (may vary depending on the availability of materials).

The Magnetic Frame was developed as a canvas for the Imagigraf pieces. Multiple frames can be installed to create a mural on which children can express their creativity with the Imagigraf play shapes. The graphic can be customized to your space’s needs and to the quantity of Magnetic Frames. In addition to being an eye-catching visual element in the space, the Magnetic Frame is an open-ended interactive that doesn’t use much of floor space.

Magnetic Frames can be installed vertically or horizontally and only necessitate 14 screws. Their ease of installation makes them a perfect permanent or temporary interactive that is set up only when needed.

Magnetic Frames were used in the following exhibit

Marshes of Glynn Library